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Our membership gives you access to a variety of disciplines, perfect for both the competitive athlete and the daily fitness enthusiast.

Fitness with impact     Fitness with impact     Fitness with impact

Experience the Energy: Exciting Events, Youth Camps, and Community Gatherings.

Our events, from youth camps to workout challenges, are all about fun, fitness, and community spirit. Each activity is designed to be a great way to connect, stay active, and enjoy a vibrant fitness experience. Whether you’re a young athlete, a fierce competitor, or just love being active, there’s always something happening. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and dive into the energy and community at HIT Athletic!

With a sprawling 25,000 square feet of space, HIT Athletic welcomes the community to host their events of all sizes and types. Whether it’s a social competition, birthday party or corporate/team event, we’d love to host you and your guests.

Event Space Rentals
There are two main areas that can be rented: the turf on the first level as well as the turf upstairs. Choose a package our trainers have outlined, or just reserve the space to create your own.

Rentals are available outside of our normal operating hours – inquire for more details.

Embark on a healthier lifestyle with HIT’s expert nutritionists. Tailored to your unique goals, our nutritional plans are designed to fuel your body and enhance your vitality. Discover the power of informed food choices and personalized guidance to transform your health and fitness.

• Diet Education
• Food Allergies
• Food Journaling
• Grocery Shopping
• Meal Planning
• Mindfullness/Meditation
• Stress Management

Our programs are mapped out specifically for YOU and YOUR goals. You will meet with a HIT Athletic Nutritional Coach in person or virtually to develop a personalized plan that works for you. Sign up today and start with a free 1 hour consultation.

Styku 3D Body Scanner

  • View your body shape: Reveals your shape and how it is changing.
  • Track progress: Measures waist, hip, body fat % and more.
  • Set personalized goals: Set goals with fat-loss & calorie calculator.
  • Fast & non-invasive: Uses harmless light. Takes only 35 seconds.

Get Stronger Together: Group Workouts at HIT Athletic

Step into HIT Athletic Group Training for dynamic and efficient workouts alongside fellow fitness enthusiasts. Our group sessions are designed to push your limits and improve your performance, all within a supportive team environment. Led by professional trainers, these workouts adjust to fit all levels, focusing on strength, endurance, and agility. Expect a mix of high-intensity interval training, strength circuits, and functional fitness that keeps your routine challenging and effective. Stop by the gym or give us a call to get started.

With a wide variety of workout options, all led by your favorite HIT Athletic instructors, you can choose from HIIT workouts, Strength & Conditioning, Strength, Yoga, Boxing and more!

For $24.99/month, you’ll have unlimited access to our video library. New videos will be added every two weeks so we can keep you moving with fresh workouts. This membership can be added on to your current in-person membership or you can purchase as a stand alone membership.

Need to place your in-person membership on a freeze?
Our freeze fee of $24.99 now gives you access to our Video On Demand service.

Membership options include Kids Club. 

If what you are looking for is childcare during your workout, we have you covered. Here is some information for parents:

  • Kids Club is for ages 6 months to 12 years
  • Only $30 per month for the first child, each additional child is $20 per month
  • Kids Club memberships include unlimited drop-ins
  • Daily drop-in price for kids club is $20 per child

Technology is transforming the way athletes perform, and we’ve built our facility with that principle in mind. From the state-of-the art cardio equipment to our interactive fitness tracking, we’re providing our members with a more advanced training experience.

By utilizing our HIT Tech wearable technology, or a different compatible device, individuals will receive real time tracking of their effort, whether in a class or working out on their own. Monitors located throughout the gym and your HIT App will help you always keep up with your personal fitness goals. Track your heart rate, calories and even receive effort points so you can get rewarded for working out!


Tailored Fitness: Personal Training at HIT Athletic

Maximize your gym time with HIT Athletic One-on-One Training, where our certified trainers dedicate their expertise to your fitness goals. This personalized approach allows for targeted workouts, ensuring you get the most efficient path to results, whether it’s building muscle, losing fat, or enhancing athletic performance. With focused guidance, we adapt each session to your progress, preferences, and schedule, making every workout count. If you’re serious about your fitness journey and looking for tailored support and accountability, our One-on-One Training is your next step. Book a session and start transforming your routine.

Elite athletic training

Rookie Athletic Training: 12-15 year olds

Quick Highlights:

  • Customized Training: Programs for all skill levels to foster athletic growth.
  • Professional Coaches: Focused on safe, fun, and impactful sessions.
  • Youth Community: A place for young athletes to connect and thrive.
  • Top Facilities: Safe, youth-oriented environments for diverse workouts.

Get Started: Elevate your child’s fitness journey with us. Contact for details.

Best New Gym

In Austin

HIT Athletic is the gym to go to when it’s time to level-up! The classes are phenomenal, the facility is world class and the trainers are exceptional.

Lusio Filiba

Based on going to this gym for a couple months – I highly recommend you give them a try.  On top of fantastic facilities & trainers, they offer great youth classes.  My kids love working out here.  They have great group classes, but also offer a full open gym for those times you just want to do your own thing.

Stuart Bauld

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Best gym I’ve ever been to. It’s for someone who takes their fitness seriously – the trainers are top notch and the classes are next level

Joshua Perdue
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Camps & Events

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    Event Rentals

      Date of Event:


      Includes only the space for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $180.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Includes Dodge Ball, Soccer, Nerf Gun games led by a HIT Athletic Coach for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $350.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Includes a kids obstacle course workout led by a HIT Athletic Coach for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $350.00/HR  BOOK NOW >


      Includes only the space, batting cages not included for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $180.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Includes 4 cages for 12 people ($20 per additional person)

      $280.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Includes a kids obstacle course workout led by a HIT Athletic Coach for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $350.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Includes Dodge Ball, Soccer, Nerf Gun games led by a HIT Athletic Coach for 12 people ($10 per additional person)

      $350.00/HR  BOOK NOW >

      Wellness Membership

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