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Welcome to HIT Athletic, North Austin’s premier 25,000+ sq. ft. training facility. This is where elite training meets diverse fitness needs. From our high-octane cycling studio and dynamic boxing area to the transformative yoga space and advanced weight training zones, we’ve designed every inch for your fitness journey. Whether you’re sprinting on our top-tier cardio equipment, honing skills in our baseball training areas, or engaging in functional express workouts, HIT Athletic is your destination for peak performance and holistic fitness.

Maximize Your Workout on Our 40-Yard Indoor Turf

Step into a game-changing fitness environment with our 40-yard indoor turf field. It’s the perfect setting for athletes and gym enthusiasts, offering uninterrupted training sessions rain or shine. Join our high-energy classes, book the field for team drills, or tailor your own intense turf workout.

Advanced Equipment at Your Fingertips

Surrounding our turf, you’ll find a comprehensive range of top-tier training equipment. Elevate your strength and conditioning with our selection of free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, and sleds. Every visit is an opportunity to push your limits and achieve new fitness milestones.

High-Octane Cycling Studio: Power Your Ride

Elevate your cycling game in HIT’s high-intensity studio, where our room works out with you and helps keep you paced at a higher level. With HIT Tech, you can track your progress in real-time, ensuring every ride is not just enjoyable, but a measurable step towards your fitness goals.

Boxing Zone: Tailored for Power and Precision

Enter a boxing domain crafted for serious fitness enthusiasts, complete with retractable heavy bags and the cutting-edge HIT Tech system for real-time performance tracking. Challenge yourself in a high-intensity class or master the art at your own pace – this space is designed for both relentless training and personalized skill development.

Versatile Yoga Studio: Transformative and Accessible

Uncover a hidden gem behind the heavy bags – a fully-equipped yoga studio catering to all skill levels. Featuring Breathe and Body Yoga, this adaptable space offers a serene environment for everyone, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Here, you can effortlessly shift from dynamic workouts to the rejuvenating practice of yoga.

Express Functional Training: Elevate Your Performance

Hone your body’s peak performance with our focused functional training. Embrace total resistance exercises for a dynamic approach to boosting strength, enhancing flexibility, and improving balance – key elements for top-tier physical conditioning.

Advanced Weight Training: Forge Strength and Focus

Elevate your training with our comprehensive selection of free weights. On our Power Floor, you’ll access premium equipment designed to intensify your strength and conditioning journey. Here, every lift enhances the crucial mind-muscle connection, propelling you towards your fitness aspirations.

Cardio Zone: Power Up Your Heart Rate

Push your limits with our top-tier treadmills, perfect for everything from a brisk jog to an intense sprint. Seeking variety? Dive into a heart-pumping session with our ellipticals, stair steppers, SkiErgs, and a range of elite cardio machines. Each piece is engineered to fuel your cardio goals with efficiency and variety.

Baseball Training: Elevate Your Game

Batting: Master the art of hitting with our advanced Hack Attack automatic pitching machines. Not just for the basics, these machines pitch fastballs at speeds up to 92mph, along with curves, sliders, change-ups, and knuckleballs, all with a 150-ball automatic feeder for relentless practice.

Pitching: Refine your pitching skills with our portable mounds, offering the flexibility to work on mechanics from any distance. Perfect your pitch, whether it’s speed, accuracy, or technique.

Fielding: For catchers and field players alike, our setup is ideal for honing skills. Utilize our pitching machines for practicing against hard-thrown or hit balls, or take advantage of the open areas to improve your hand-eye coordination and footwork.


Our Kids Club is the best place for children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years to enhance health and wellness. We strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of your family.

Kids Club starts at $20/month and includes unlimited drop-in opportunities for your kids to enjoy, while you work out.


Best New Gym

In Austin

HIT Athletic is the gym to go to when it’s time to level-up! The classes are phenomenal, the facility is world class and the trainers are exceptional.

Lusio Filiba

Based on going to this gym for a couple months – I highly recommend you give them a try.  On top of fantastic facilities & trainers, they offer great youth classes.  My kids love working out here.  They have great group classes, but also offer a full open gym for those times you just want to do your own thing.

Stuart Bauld

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Best gym I’ve ever been to. It’s for someone who takes their fitness seriously – the trainers are top notch and the classes are next level

Joshua Perdue
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