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HIT Athletic is North Austin’s sprawling and technologically advanced 25,000+ sq. ft. athletic training facility for top athletes, fitness enthusiasts and families. Get your heart pumping with weight training, cardio, yoga, boxing, baseball, TRX, cycling and more. And, keep yourself near the red line with our performance monitoring system throughout the gym. HIT Athletic is an open and inclusive environment that encourages fitness excellence for all ages.


Turf Training – Our 40 yard indoor football field is one-of-a-kind and is built for group fitness or individual programs. No matter rain or shine, you can either join one of our classes, rent the field for your team or create your own turf workout. 

Equipment – The Gridiron is surrounded by advanced training equipment like free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, sleds and much more. Optimize your fitness every time you come in. 

Upper Deck

Batting – The advanced Hack Attack automatic pitching machines cover the basics, but also feature fastballs (up to 92mph), curves, sliders, change ups, knuckle balls. Each pitching machine has 150 ball automatic feeders.  

Pitching – Our portable pitching mounds give you the ability to work on your pitching mechanics from any distance. 

Fielding – Whether you’re playing catcher or any other position, you can work on hard thrown or hit balls from our pitching machines or use our open areas to work on your hands and footwork.


Cycling – Follow the lights to Hit’s high intensity cycling studio. Our room works out with you and helps keep you paced at a higher level. Track your progress with HIT Tech and always enjoy the ride.



Boxing – Roll into our custom made space, lined with retractable heavy bags and featuring our HIT Tech monitoring system. Go toe-to-toe with a high-intensity boxing class or take time to do at your own speed.  

Yoga – If you pull the heavy bags back, the space turns into a fully equipped yoga studio – featuring Breathe and Body Yoga, a studio that is open to all levels.


Our program is set up to help build a strong foundation for all young athletes.


The focus is building fundamentals that will last a life time. Expect us to work on their speed, agility, power, endurance, and overall strength. Weekly schedules consist of fun classes that will progress throughout the year.


The focus is to prepare participants to perform at a higher level. This class will not only reinforce the fundamentals, but will introduce more advanced training concepts at a progressive pace.

Other Facility Features





Kids Club – Childcare

Our Kids Club is the best place for children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years to enhance health and wellness.  We strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of your family.

Kids Club starts at $20/month and includes unlimited drop-in opportunities for your kids to enjoy, while you work out.

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