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Our group fitness classes are designed to provide beginners and experts alike with dynamic opportunities to advance skills and boost performance levels. Training with others is a great way to enhance your motivation and stay focused. 

Focused Training

Welcome to HIT Athletics’ Program Descriptions. Before diving into individual classes, one should know that we program around three core movement patterns: SQUAT, PRESS, and HINGE. These patterns rotate daily and weekly to help keep programing fresh, avoid injuries and overuse, and provide a well-rounded training regimen. Class intensities will also follow a periodized program, rotating every four weeks from: BASE, POWER, and PEAK. Varying intensities simulate a well-rounded training regimen!

Periodized Intensities:
- Base Phase: Muscular Endurance. Lighter Weight Intensities / Higher Rep Ranges
- Power Phase: Muscular Power/Strength. Moderate Weight Intensities / Moderate Rep Ranges
- Peak Phase: Muscular Strength. High Weight Intensities / Lower Rep Ranges


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