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THE UPPERDECK. Baseball is a dynamic sport that requires mastering a wide variety of different athletic skills. Develop yourself as a player by working through training routines designed to make you an even more elite athlete. Focus on hitting, pitching, fielding, and team practice to become a more valuable and skilled ball player.

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$99 Enrollment
12-Month Contracts
Unlimited cage time when available
Access to batting cages and pitching area only
Reserve cages in advance



$40 (1/2 Hour Cage) – Access to batting cage only
$70 (1 Hour Cage) – Access to batting cage only
$40 (1/2 Hour Pitching Mound) – Access to Bullpen area only
$70 (1 Hour Pitching Mound) – Access to Bullpen area only

Coaches and Teams

If you have multiple players and need to rent a cage for your team. Please first check to see if there's an affiliation with your league or school and if not, call for availability and prices.

Pro Training


Few things are more satisfying in life than hitting a game-winning drive and finishing it off by touching home plate. Our advanced 150 ball fed Hack Attack automatic pitching machines will help you swing for the fences with features like fastballs (up to 92mph), curves, sliders, changeups and knuckleballs. Bring your game to our cages and become the best offensive baseball player you can be. 


Pitching is one of the sporting world’s most challenging disciplines to master. Our pitching program is the best way to improve the fundamentals needed to make you an even more impressive asset to your teammates. 


Our fielding program is the place to develop the skills needed to make you a most valued defensive baseball player. Practice the fundamentals of catching and throwing in an atmosphere that drives you to constantly improve your skills.

Become a member or rent by the hour or half hour and bring a parent or coach with you to help.

Private Instruction: For 1-1 training opportunities, please call and we can schedule you with one of our professional hitting and pitching instructors. (512) 575-8762


Success in baseball means not only being the best athlete you can be but knowing how to work with your teammates to achieve goals. Our baseball team practice training program is the place to develop your skills playing baseball with others.

Call For Information: 512-575-8762

You Can HIT While They Hit.

If you're interested in working out while your player takes BP, sign up for an adult membership today.

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