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Pure Strength

TURF FIELD STRENGTH CLASSES. Reveal your inner tenacity by cultivating the strength you need to overcome all that life throws your way. Our weight training exercise programs are designed for athletes at all ability levels. Increase your skills by learning the most effective strategies for training with kettlebells, dumbbells, squat racks, plated weights and resistance bands. Our classes will teach you to master the techniques and forms while following a strategic plan for challenging and increasing your overall physical strength.

Hinge, Squat & Press Classes

One should expect to focus on a combination of training styles, with various Intensities and Strength Exercises, Functional patterns, Primal movements, that coincide with Dynamic Cardio Elements. One can expect to have an elevated heartrate throughout portions of the class. One should expect moderate to highheart rate levels, and moderate exercise loads. (*Benefit: Strength, Power, Endurance, Cardio output)

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