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Turf Fields

THE GRIDIRON. Expand your fitness regimen and step onto the Gridiron. This field is 40 yards of high impact intensity that is surrounded by the newest field weights and equipment. Try out a class or workout on your own – either way you'll HIT the ground running.

Featured Classes

Pure Strength

A class for all fitness levels that will emphasize strength training. You should expect to spend time working with Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Resistant Bands. The purpose of this class is to master technique and form, you can expect to follow a periodized plan to help challenge and increase your overall strength ability. (Low-Moderate Heart Rate, Moderate-High Intensities, Moderate-High Strength Loads)

HIIT: (Cardio Class) High Intensity Interval Training

A class for all fitness levels that will emphasize cardiovascular training. Whether its timed exercise sequences or moving from station to station you should expect challenging athletic movements, aerobic weight-lifting, and giving it your all for short bursts of energy. (High Heart Rate, High Intensities, Light-Moderate Strength Loads)


An advanced Strength & Conditioning Class, you should come ready to work! Previous lifting experience is encouraged and will help assist with the pace of this specific class.

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