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Strength & Conditioning

The emphasis of this class is a mix of challenging strength sequences and high intensity aerobic sequences. Whether it’s challenging intervals, AMRAP’s, or circuit styles of training, these classes will improve muscular strength and endurance, as well as total aerobic endurance. One should be ready to complete strength sequences along with running, jumping, and cardio machine opportunities.

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Strength & Conditioning

One should expect to focus on a combination of training styles, with various Intensities and Strength Exercises, Functional patterns, Primal movements, that coincide with Dynamic Cardio Elements. One can expect to have an elevated heartrate throughout portions of the class. One should expect moderate to highheart rate levels, and moderate exercise loads. (*Benefit: Strength, Power, Endurance, Cardio output)


Blackout is a series of strength combo movements, plyometrics, locomotion exercises, and cardio challenges combined together to form one non-stop long chain workout. Participants will challenge themselves to complete as many rounds of the workout as possible in a 45-50 minute running clock. Each person works at their own individual pace, with the goal to push themselves to complete 3-4 rounds of the entire workout of the day. Medium Loads, High heart rate, and Medium to High intensity.


Body Battle


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