Batting Cages

HIT Athletic is a premier baseball training facility that has six total cages that can be used for baseball or softball instruction. Two of our cages can be used to work on pitching mechanics as there are two portable pitching mounds in our Bullpen area.

Our batting cages are outfitted with Hack Attack automatic pitching machines that can throw a variety of pitches: fastballs, curves, sliders, change ups, knuckle balls. Each pitching machine has 150 ball automatic feeders. All of our batting cages and pitching mounds can be adjusted to meet the distances for any level of baseball.

You can also use the cages to work on swing mechanics using our soft toss nets and Tanner tees.

Our batting cages will be open seven days a week and cages can be rented in 30 minute increments. Members can reserve a batting cage 1 week in advance.  Nonmembers can reserve the day of, if spots are available.

Batting cage memberships are available for $99 a month and a membership allows you to rent out a cage one week in advance. Batting cage memberships also give you access to the Bullpen area and the pitching mounds.

Batting cage rentals for non-members: