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Hit with the pros

Private Instruction: For 1-1 training opportunities, please call and we can schedule you with one of our professional hitting and pitching instructors. (512) 575-8762


Ben Himes

Ben Himes

Ben Himes has been a professional hitting coach for over 15 years. His passion is for developing baseball athletes in his home town of Austin, TX, as well as being an ambassador to international baseball. His company, Ben Himes Batting, llc. employs many full-time coaches who were either former professional or college players. He regularly volunteers his time and money giving back to the west Austin baseball community where he grew up.

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Terrmel Sledge

I was a Major League outfielder and 1st baseman four 4 years. I coached in the Chicago Cubs organization in 2015, which I was the hitting coach for their Short Season A-ball club. In 2016-2018 I was the Dodgers Head Double A hitting coach for three seasons where I was fortunate enough to work with players such as Cody Bellinger, Kyle Farmer, Alex Verdugo, Willie Calhoun, Will Smith, Matt Beaty and more.

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We build the hitter using three foundations: Timing, Quality Contact, Approach


  • Love of the game. (Everything needs to be molded surrounding the individual on how to love the game)
  • Tee work routine. (Mastering the craft of all nine quadrants high/middle/low)
  • Developing Ground Force (Bosu Balls w/ Tee Work)
  • Bat path. (Top hand index finger and thumb not holding bat, One hand bat drills for both hands, high tee)
  • Approach. (How to be “On Time.”) • Drills. (Implementing three specific drills per month)


  • Developing “A Winning Attitude.” (How to develop the correct winning emotional state on a daily basis)
  • Tee work routine. (Mastering the craft of all nine quadrants high/middle/low)
  • Developing Ground Force. (Bosu balls w/ front toss and machine/live arm)
  • Bat Path. (Proper “entry” and “rhythm” of the hands)
  • Approach. (Learn the aggressive/ selective approach, learn the meaning of sitting on fb’s, when to look for a breaking ball, etc)
  • Implementing More Power. (Two specific lower half drills)
  • Drills. (Implementing three specific drills per month)


$99 Enrollment
Includes two training sessions a week
with professional hitting coaches &
Access to batting cages when available

You Can HIT While They Hit.

If you're interested in working out while your player takes BP, sign up for an adult membership today.

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