Adult Programs

Our Adult training program includes a diverse set of classes that will challenge and push you. Our classes are one hour in length and are packed with high energy and high intensity.

We will be offering the following classes to help you meet your fitness goals:

Sports Conditioning: (Conditioning Class)

To feel like an athlete you have to train like one! This class will challenge you in a variety of ways focused on Athletic Movement to help you improve on Speed, Agility, Power, and Endurance.
Ex Style: (Hurdles, Ladders, Jump ropes, MedBall, Boxes, Sleds, Linear/Lateral Running, Cones)

Strength & Conditioning: (Strength Class)

A balanced approach that brings Strength and Cardio training together. Throughout this class you can expect to elevate your heartrate and get stronger at the same time.
Ex Style: (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, MedBall, sleds, running, speed, conditioning) 

Strength: (Strength Class)

Dedicated to increasing strength. One can expect to see a variety of strength components including hypertrophy, muscular endurance, power/explosiveness, and absolute strength.
Ex Style: (barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, bands, balance & stability)

HIIT: (Cardio Class) High Intensity Interval Training

This class looks to improve your athletic capacity and conditioning through a variety of exercises and equipment.
EX Style: (circuits, time intervals, ropes, sleds, balls, bands, dumbbells, kettlebells)

Tabata: (Cardio Class)

Specific time intervals of high intensity exercise followed by short rest periods. This class will challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.
EX Style: (Tabata style, time sensitive, rounds, rest)

TRX: (Strength Class)

A mix of bodyweight suspension training combined with a variety of functional strength movements.
EX Style: (TRX, balance, stability, core, strength)

*Boxing & Cycling: (Conditioning Class)

While attending either two of these classes, you can expect an energizing experience. Boxing encompasses the technical aspects of boxing fundamentals with core strengthening exercises at a high intensity. While cycling takes you through a fun music driven cardiovascular workout. 


A restorative approach to challenge the Mind, Body, and Spirt.