Adult Programs

Our Adult training program includes a diverse set of classes that will challenge and push you. Our classes are one hour in length and are packed with high energy and high intensity.

We will be offering the following classes to help you meet your fitness goals:

Sports Conditioning: (Conditioning Class)

An advanced cardio class that will challenge your athletic ability. During class one should expect to see heavy emphasis on; Running, Jumping, Change of Direction, Speed Ladders, Hurdles, Jump Ropes, Sleds, etc. This class is designed to be a physical and mental challenge.
(High heart rate, High Intensity, Light-Moderate Strength Loads.)

Strength & Conditioning: (Strength Class)

A hybrid class for all fitness levels that will take you through both strength and cardiovascular training. One should expect to see a mix between Strength exercises paired with Dynamic movement to increase your heartrate and challenge the whole body. Classes will consist of; Circuit Training, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, Running, Lateral Movement, Sleds, Med-balls, etc.
(High heart rate, High Intensities, Moderate Strength Loads)

Pure Strength:

A class for all fitness levels that will emphasize strength training. One should expect to spend time working with Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Resistant Bands. The purpose of this class is to master technique and form, one can expect to follow a periodized plan to help challenge and increase one’s overall strength ability.
(Low-Moderate Heart Rate, Moderate-High Intensities, Moderate-High Strength Loads)

HIIT: (Cardio Class) High Intensity Interval Training

A class for all fitness levels that will emphasize cardiovascular training. Whether its timed exercise sequences or moving from station to station one should expect challenging athletic movements, aerobic weight-lifting, and giving it their all for short burst of energy.
(High Heart Rate, High Intensities, Light-Moderate Strength Loads)

TRX: (Strength Class)

A mix of bodyweight suspension training combined with a variety of functional strength movements.
EX Style: (TRX, balance, stability, core, strength)

Boxing: (Conditioning Class)

A class for all fitness levels that focuses on technique and is filled with nonstop rounds with bursts of body weight exercises. Expect to punch the bag most of the class; learn proper technique for maximum power and fitness on the heavy bag. Both boxing and kickboxing options will be given throughout class for those who want to mix it up.
(High Heart Rate, High Intensities, Light-Moderate Strength Loads)

Cycling: (Conditioning Class)


A restorative approach to challenge the Mind, Body, and Spirt.